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WASHINGTON, DC(April 15, 2005)- Choosing the right air cleaner should be simple.  But, consumers setting out to purchase an air cleaner may leave the store confused over available technologies and features.  The Clean Air Delivery Rate is a long-standing performance certification program developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) in 1988 which eliminates the confusion and makes the air cleaner purchase process a breeze for consumers. All consumers need to know is the size of the room they want to treat.

CADR – the Clean Air Delivery Rate – is a measurement of particulate removal established by AHAM.  This rate determines how well an air cleaner reduces pollutants such as tobacco smoke, pollen and dust.   The CADR- Certified seal on the air cleaner package will list the CADR ratings and recommended room size.

In addition to looking for air cleaner performance ratings, consumers may also be interested in knowing if the unit generates ozone emissions.  General information on ozone can be obtained through the web site, or consumers may contact the manufacturer to inquire about ozone emissions.

“The CADR seal is the best way for consumers to judge the effectiveness of a room air cleaner,” said AHAM President, Joseph M. McGuire “There is no other nationally recognized test that takes into consideration the performance of the machine so that consumers can be comfortable that these units will work effectively in the home.”

The CADR seal gives consumers a basis for comparison between products and allows them to choose the air cleaner that best suits their needs  For example, one room air cleaner may show a higher rating than another for pollen, a big bonus for pollen-type allergy sufferers.  Others may be more interested in a higher CADR for tobacco smoke. The CADR seal tells consumers how the product’s Clean Air Delivery Rate compares to other room air cleaners and how to choose the right air cleaner.  



For a copy of the Consumer Guide for Room Air Cleaners or a list of certified room air cleaners, visit the web site at

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers is a full service trade association representing manufacturers of major, portable and floor care appliances, and suppliers to the industry. All independent testing and verification for the AHAM Room Air Cleaner Certification program are provided by Intertek Testing Services, located in Cortland, NY.