Gorenje Adds New Colour Finish to Retro Refrigeration Range


Exhibiting a glacial Mystic White finish, the RB60299 Retro is available with A++’ energy rating. Designed as a stylish fridge freezer, the RB60299 Retro features smooth, curvaceous lines and an attractive vintage appearance, which complements the other freestanding appliances of the modern kitchen.

With 281 litre net capacity, the fridge freezer provides ample space to store fresh produce. In addition to that, it also offers the SuperCool fast chill option, which can cool drinks quickly; a large vegetable crisper; bottle storage shelves; and deep partitions in the door to hold larger items.

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How to Organize Your Refrigerator


Are you tired of opening your refrigerator door only to be faced with towers of half-empty condiment bottles and food containers that are filled with last week's leftovers?

You're not alone. Refrigerator organization may sound like a no-brainer but there's actually an art to this science.

We asked two organization experts to dish on whipping that fridge into shape.

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GE Profile™ French Door Refrigerator Wins 2013 Good Housekeeping Very Innovative Product Award


GE Appliances' Profile™ French door refrigerator has received a 2013 Good Housekeeping VIP (Very Innovative Products) Award, which recognizes the year's breakthrough products: life-changing, time-saving inventions that solve everyday problems in new ways.

GE Appliances' Profile™ French door refrigerator receives a 2013 Good Housekeeping VIP (Very Innovative Products) Award, which recognizes the year's breakthrough products: life-changing, time-saving inventions that solve everyday problems in new ways.

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Cheapism: Best Budget Refrigerators

Refrigerators these days can connectto the Internet, display recipes on a touchscreen, and “blast chill” a can of beer in minutes. They can also cost upward of $3,000 for a freestanding model. Built-in refrigerators disguised as kitchen cabinets command an added premium. For consumers on a budget, respected brands such as GE, Kenmore, LG, Whirlpool, and Maytag make roomy, energy-efficient refrigerators that can keep food cold or frozen for far less.

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No-Frills Kenmore Coil-Top Range is a Standout in Our Tests

How much do you need to spend for an electric range that quickly brings water to a boil and simmers sauces superbly while its large oven turns out nicely browned cookies? If an electric coil top model is for you, figure on $430 or less. The Kenmore 90212, which was just added to Consumer Reports' list of top range picks, is the lowest-priced range in that select group and a fraction of the price of some smoothtop electric ranges with similar performance.

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Safety Alert Over 138,000 Faulty Beko Home Appliances


Thousands of families could be at risk of having a fire in their homes because of faulty appliances.

White goods manufacturer Beko yesterday admitted nearly 138,000 of its fridge-freezers, cookers and tumble-dryers may pose a safety risk.

It has already been accused of making death trap machines linked to at least 11 deaths.

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Gorenje Exits Kitchen Furniture Manufacturing

Slovenian appliance producer Gorenje agreed to sell its kitchen furniture businesses, Gorenje Kuhinje and Gorenje Notranja oprema, to global private investment firm CoBe Capital.

Gorenje said the manufacturing operations in Maribor, Velenje, and Nazarje will continue under the new owner. Gorenje will also continue selling kitchen furniture produced by the companies under the new owner.

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Are Household Appliances Getting Too Complicated?

Are our household appliances getting too complicated, wonders Tom Meltzer of The Guardian. “The modern washing machine has a dozen or more cycles that no one has ever used. The ‘baby cycle,’ for example, aimed presumably at parents too lazy to wash their babies in the bath. Or, quoting now from a variety of machines, the ‘duvet,’ sports,’ ‘bed and bath,’ ‘reduced crease,’ ‘allergy’ and ‘freshen up’ cycles. … The washing machine is hardly alone in this; all our appliances have learned new tricks. Posh kettles heat our water to a variety of temperatures; tumble dryers offer a variety of ‘dryness levels’ and even fairly basic toasters now boast a ‘bagel function.’ At the top end of the market, you can now buy a fridge with a built-in radio and voice recorder.”

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Today’s Slimmer Refrigerators Fit Tight Spaces

They say baseball is a game of inches. So too is kitchen remodeling, another activity that heats up in the spring. The inches matter most if you're forced to work with the existing dimensions of the kitchen, including the openings for your various appliances. That's why the increase in slimmed-down refrigerators is good news for space-challenged remodelers. Here are some narrower-than-normal models from Consumer Reports' latest refrigerator Ratings.

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EPA Recognizes Bosch With 2013 Energy Star® Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence Award


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized Bosch home appliances with a 2013 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence Award for its continued leadership in protecting our environment through superior energy efficiency. Bosch's accomplishments will be recognized at an awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. on March 26, 2013.

Bosch, an ENERGY STAR partner since 2007, will be honored for its long-term commitment to energy efficiency. This includes being the only U.S. appliance manufacturer with 100 percent of its major appliances ENERGY STAR-rated and exceeding federal energy standards in dishwashers by up to 97 percent. Bosch also manufactures the most energy and water efficient dishwasher line in North America.

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Beko Criticised Over Deaths

Beko is back in the limelight this week over deaths allegedly caused by certain models of fridge freezers and cookers after an investigation by The Sunday Times, with one legal action for one and a half million pounds in the works.

The report in the Mirror claims that the appliances are alleged to have caused at least eleven deaths and that Beko failed to warn owners of some Beko fridge freezer models could catch fire and Beko cooker models could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. The former despite a warning being issued to Beko by the London Fire Brigade (LFB) on the risk of fires in models of fridge freezer Which the LFB contend led to more deaths.

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“Simply Brilliant” - Introducing Miele Brilliant White Plus


Renowned architect, Mies van der Rohe celebrated the color white in his now infamous Farnsworth House. Considered by many to be one of the most important examples of modernist domestic architecture, the Farnsworth House combines transparent continuous glass walls with pristine white steel framing to create a classically minimalist structure.

Miele employed a similar respect for pure lines and transparency when creating the new Brilliant White Plus Series of built-in appliances. Inspired by five core ideas - concept, form, elements, continuity and detail, this new collection offers design professionals a unique group of appliance solutions.

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How To Clean Greasy Kitchen Appliances


Once the tea party is done and your guests have left, just look around and you find your house in mess. Not a problem. Of course keeping your house tidy can be really tiring. But, just sneak into your kitchen and you will find the reality waiting for you. The delicious dishes you have prepared has not just left behind the aromatic smell, but has also left your kitchen appliances greased and stained. Cleaning your kitchen filled with dirty greased utensils definitely looks like a complex task. However, you need not worry about cleaning these items as it is fairly simple, but little time-consuming. It is important to clean all kitchen equipments after use in order to get rid of stubborn stains and grease that are hard to wash.

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Indesit Expands Use of Hotpoint Appliance Brand Outside Europe, Under New Agreement with GE

Appliance maker Indesit Company (Fabriano, Italy) will expand its ownership of the Hotpoint brand outside of Europe, under a new agreement with General Electric Appliances.

GE Appliances will retain ownership of the brand in North and South America. Indesit Company has owned the Hotpoint brand in Europe since it acquired UK-based GDA in 2002.

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Tips To Clean A Washing Machine


Laundry has become a lot more easier after the invention of washing machines. Working couples always rely on their washing machine that washes clothes and dries them immediately. However, regular use of washing machine damages the machine tub and makes it dirty too. So, it is very important to clean your washing machine and prevent technical errors that can occur later.

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Lose Weight by Revamping Your Refrigerator

The time of year has come once again where we face New Year's Resolutions and many of us vow to make smarter eating and exercise choices, lose weight, and make this year our healthiest one yet. You can jumpstart their resolution of weight loss by tackling one of the most critical areas of the home…the refrigerator!

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Haier Retains its Position as the World Leader in Major Appliances in 2012

Haier, one of the largest Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics brand globally, has retained its world’s No.1* spot in major appliances. Euro Monitor International, the London-based market intelligence firm, providing market research, business intelligence reports, and data to industry, certified Haier as the numero uno position globally for the year 2012. Apart from the major appliances Haier bagged the top honours in the white goods category which involve refrigerators, washing machines, freezers and wine coolers. 

Haier achieved this feat by commanding a whopping 8.6% of the total retail volume share globally in 2012 registering a growth of 0.8% from 7.8% of the total retail volume share in 2011.

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Living Space: Hot New Appliances Offer Cool Nutritional Benefits


Juicing is a hot trend among nutrition advocates. It's often looked on as an easy way to get more fruit, vegetables and fiber into your diet - breaking them down into an easy-to-consume drink.

Whether you've turned to juicing to get finicky children to eat vegetables flavored with fruit - a popular ploy for parents - as a body cleanse, a way to lose weight or simply for better nutrition, it helps to pick the right juicer.

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Haier Steps Up F&P Appliances Expansion Plans


Chinese-owned Fisher & Paykel Appliances is to expand its New Zealand-based operations with a focus on new product development and the company’s component and technology business.

Owner Haier first bought into the company three years ago and completed a full takeover last year.

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Are Our Household Appliances Getting Too Complicated?

The modern washing machine has a dozen or more cycles that no one has ever used. The "baby cycle", for example, aimed, presumably, at parents too lazy to wash their babies in the bath. Or, quoting now from a variety of machines, the "duvet", "sports", "bed and bath", "reduced creases", "allergy" and "freshen up" cycles. As in "I'm just going to hop in the washing machine and freshen up." (Yes, I realise it freshens up clothes, not people, but still I bet no one has ever used it non-ironically.)

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Illuminated Range Hood Reaches the Ceiling

Crowded kitchens create interesting conundrums. Finding the perfect balance between essential devices and cosmetic touches can be tricky and relies upon a certain hierarchy unique to kitchen appliances and gadgets. Most people would probably agree that the stove and the refrigerator top the list of essentials; it's hard to not work around these two behemoths of the kitchen. But when it comes time to place the next piece of the puzzle, rarely does one next look up.

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Beko Concerns Bring Appliance Safety Into Spotlight

Manufacturers of household appliances have been urged by legal experts to ensure consumer safety is a top priority, after new concerns were raised regarding global firm Beko’s products.
Numerous reports have called into question the efforts of the company to ensure people were urgently made aware of potential risks related to some products.

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Buying A Washer? State Says Keep Energy Star In Mind

Saving energy can be as easy as turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or as hardcore as fitting your entire roof with solar panels.  Two Florida agencies are working together to make those choices just a little bit easier on both the planet and the wallet.

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N.J. Residents Replacing Storm-Ruined Appliances May Qualify for Rebate


As part of the effort to help with the recovery from Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey is offering increased rebates to replace storm-damaged equipment and appliances.

Additional rebates, at an average of $200, are being offered to those who replace damaged furnaces, water heaters, and other equipment with energy-efficient models, said Joseph Fiordaliso, Board of Pubic Utilities commissioner.

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Haier Under Counter Wine Cellar Chosen as “Best Buy” by a Leading Consumer Magazine


aier's WC200GS wine chiller was chosen as a "Best Buy" and ranked second among under counter units by a leading consumer publication. As the #1 wine cellar brand in the world*, Haier offers a full line of wine cellars as well as a complete under counter solution with a 48 bottle wine cellar, 150 can capacity beverage center, and dual drawer refrigerator.

"Haier is designing home solutions that improve the lives of consumers," said Chuck Bryant, vice president, sales and marketing, Haier America. "This recognition from industry observers attests to our commitment to delivering high-quality, well-designed products at competitive prices."

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Haier America Awards U.S. Distribution Agreement To Kenco


Kenco, a leading provider of distribution, transportation, and supply chain intelligence solutions, has been awarded the United States distribution contract for Haier America, a division of the multinational Haier Group, the world’s number one appliance brand*.
Under the new agreement, Kenco is implementing turnkey management of Haier’s three main U.S. distribution centers in Keasbey, N.J.; Savannah, Ga.; and Fontana, Ca. Haier distributes appliances and consumer electronics from each of these facilities, where Kenco will provide real estate, management, staffing, warehouse management systems, and material handling equipment.
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Samsung to Launch ‘Android-Powered Refrigerator, Internet-Connected Washing Machine’


South Korean electronic maker Samsung has now planned to launch a refrigerator with a built-in Android tablet and an internet-connected washing machine by the end of the year.

The Samsung refrigerator with Android tablets will help people keep track of ingredients, order groceries and act as baby monitors using built-in cameras.

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Haier Partners With Argos to Launch Outlets and Online Store


Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer Haier has launched a new online shopping service with British retailer Argos, opening two stores in Shanghai.

A new website,, replaced Haier's previous online shopping website in November. The Shandong-based electronics manufacturer is shifting its focus and resources from manufacturing to services, said Ma Ruiguang, chief advisor of Flyhorse Consulting.

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Consumers Rank Gorenje No. 1 Appliance Brand in Croatia

Gorenje won the most votes in the Best Buy survey conducted in Croatia.

Respondents were asked to list the manufacturers with the best price-to-quality ratio.

The highest score was awarded to Gorenje in seven out of eight categories:
* home appliances in general
* refrigerators and freezers
* washing machines and dryers
* kitchens and kitchen furniture
* dishwashers
* cooking appliances
* small appliances

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Godrej Sets Target to Become Second Largest Refrigerator Brand


KOLKATA: Godrej Appliances has set a target to become the country's second largest refrigerator maker and rank amongst the top three brands in washing machine and microwave ovens in two years, with aggressive plans to enter into collaborative agreements with technology partners.

""We plan to launch models with unique features and energy efficiency will be our selling point,"" says GodrejAppliances executive vice president (sales and marketing) Kamal Nandi.

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Samsung Can Make Almost Any Ad — Even One About A Washing Machine

Samsung's cracked the code to get its ads straight to the top of viral charts — and not just for its Galaxy commercials.

The brand's Super Bowl spot, featuring Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, continues to be number one on the viral ad charts. But a different ad for a washing machine — that's right, a washing machine — is the fifth most shared and viewed ad right now, Ad Age reports.

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Samsung Leads REfrigerator Market in UAE Organized Channel

The global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies holds the number one position in value, sold across organized channels. According to the data sourced from GfK, Samsung achieved a 22.6% market share also posted strong year-on-year growth of 30 percent in the UAE organized channels, fueled by the company's innovative and sophisticated range of Refrigerators. 

Samsung's success in the refrigerator category is due to its continued focus on delivering products that meet consumer's needs. In 2012, the company conducted an in-depth market research into consumer buying trends and unveiled two flagship fridges, the multi-compartment MT12 (Model # RT5982ATBSL) and the large capacity french-door AW3 (Model # RFG28MESL). The fridges come with the Samsung's Space Max technology that guarantees extra space inside, while maintaining the same space from the outside. The fridges also keep food fresh by adjusting the temperatures in different compartments.

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Frigidaire Helps Solve Daily Dinnertime Dilemma


From creativity to cost, the dinner time dilemma is daily.

Every day busy moms and families are challenged with delivering healthy, great-tasting meals sure to please the whole family. But, there is a solution for taking on the age-old question: What's for dinner?

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Clean Your Washing Machine To Keep Clothes Fresh

Washing machines take the dirt and germs out of our clothes, but a lot of that grime just ends up trapped in the machine itself. It's pretty easy to clean your top-loader though with a few basic supplies.

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Research to Pinpoint Power-Hungry Appliances That Could Help Cut Home Energy Bills

Smart meters, which could help consumers to save money, are planned to be installed in every UK home by 2019. In readiness, the Nottingham academics are developing a range of mobile apps to monitor energy use and make small changes to cut electricity bills. The work by a research team from The University of Nottingham is being carried out as part of E.ON's Thinking Energy project.

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GE Layoffs Come Amid Slow Appliance Sales

 A sluggish start to appliance sales this year has prompted General Electric to furlough roughly 500 factory workers at Appliance Park, shutting down the second shift of a new side-by-side refrigerator line for five weeks.

It’s the first layoffs for the new line of the French door, bottom-freezer refrigerators announced last March to great fanfare by CEO Jeffrey Immelt, who kicked off the product with a visit to Appliance Park.

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Samsung Retains Top Spot in CIS Home Appliances Market

South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. outperformed its competitors in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) market last year, becoming the biggest seller in the region for the sixth straight year, data showed Friday.

   Samsung's CIS market share in the refrigerator sector reached a record high of 19 percent in 2012, up 7.1 percentage points from 11.9 percent tallied in 2007, according to the data.

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Clean Stainless Steel Appliances With…Flour?

We absolutely love stainless steel appliances and accents. The finish adds such a sleek look to any kitchen. But we're not all that fond of the finger prints and smudges that show up on this finish. So we were thrilled when Mother Nature Network found a great, chemical-free way to clean stainless steel and keep it looking beautiful.

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Ambiente to Host More Small Appliances

Suppliers such as Gastroback, Kenwood and KitchenAid have showcased their new products at Ambiente for years. Now, exhibiting at this year's show after a gap will be Cloer, Ritterwerk and Rommelsbacher, and Braun is another key player returning to the international consumer-goods fair. 

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Smart Appliance Market to Reach Nearly $35 Billion Annually by 2020

As utilities around the world deploy smart meters, smart appliances (which use an intelligent power management strategy to optimize the load on the power distribution grid) have a significant role to play in realizing the vision of the smart grid. Currently, these appliances are limited in terms of availability and types of products, but they will start to represent an increasing share of the total appliance market after 2015. According to a recent report from Pike Research, a part of Navigant’s Energy Practice, the annual value of the smart appliance market will grow from $613 million in 2012 to $34.9 billion in 2020.

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Frigidaire Affinity Top-Loaders Land Near the Bottom in Our Tests

High-efficiency top-loading washers usually offer several advantages over front-loaders, including faster wash time. But not the Frigidaire Affinity HE top-loaders Consumer Reports just tested. They took almost two hours. That's twice as long as some standouts from our tests so when Frigidaire claims on its website, "Thoroughly soaked, thoroughly cleaned," we get what they mean.

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10rate Announces Best Washing Machines Across 5 Categories; LG, Whirlpool, and Maytag Win Top Honors

There are many different types of washing machines on the market and they fill many different needs. Some want a top of the line washer, while some look to find the best deal. 10rate editor Brittany Rowland has done the hard work of sorting out which washing machines are the best choices from the different categories. She looked at washing machines overall, HE washers, budget washers, front loaders, and top loaders. She wrote reviews, assessed the strengths and weaknesses of each machine, then assigned editor's choice awards for quality, value, and budget.

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Domestic Appliances: The Coolest Status Symbol? A Fridge

As a status symbol, you might not think that something that keeps your leftovers at a steady temperature would be much cop. Sports cars are a more traditional social signifier (not least of someone trying to convince their peers that they have an enormous… amount of money), as are regular holidays and the resultant tans. But for hundreds of years, having a way to keep food cool, and thus prolong its edibility, was far more show-offy than  a supercar.

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GE Sues Whirlpool for Running Refrigerator Parts Cartel


Last week, General Electric (NYSE:GE) filed a lawsuit againstWhirlpool (NYSE:WHR) in federal court alleging that the appliance manufacturer colluded with suppliers to manipulate the prices of household appliance components.

The lawsuit centers on compressors used in refrigerators. GE alleges that Whirlpool, along with two European suppliers, operated as a cartel to limit the production of the components in order to drive up prices, Bloomberg noted.

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Are Smart Appliances Ready for the Big Time?

The adoption of smart appliances comes down to a chicken-or-the-egg situation: Consumers won’t buy until they see enough products available, but manufacturers won’t commit big money to producing them if consumers won’t step up and buy.

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Samsung and SodaStream Reveal Refrigerator with Sparkling Water Dispenser

Refrigerators have gotten some handy upgrades in recent years, with everything from Wi-Fi enabled touchscreens to blast chillers for quickly cooling a beer. Now, Samsung has partnered with SodaStream to introduce the RF31FMESBSR Four-Door Refrigerator, which comes with a built-in sparkling water dispenser for making homemade soda.

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Defrost, Heat & Serve…Frigidaire Helps Busy Families Conquer The Nightly Dinnertime Dilemma

From stews and soups to hearty casseroles, make-ahead meals are all the rage, especially among families scrambling to get a home-cooked meal on the table.  But when refrigerator real estate is at a premium, what's a prolific cook to do?

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Using Your Phone to Communicate With Your Appliances

A newly formed committee aims to define a universal language for the Internet of Things that will help computers talk to smartphones and for tablets to talk to thermostats, fridges and even cats and dogs.

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Miele at LivingKitchen 2013: A New Built-In Appliance Line

Miele unveiled a new generation of built-in kitchen appliances at the LivingKitchen 2013 expo, including ovens, steam cookers, coffee machines, microwave ovens, and cooker hoods.

"Our Generation 6000 stands for even greater elegance, versatility and user convenience in the kitchen," said Dr. Reinhard Zinkann, managing director and co-proprietor of the Gutersloh, Germany-based appliance maker.

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Haier Showcases A Full Line-up of Smart Appliances at CES

Haier, the world's number one major appliance brand, is putting its full range of smart home appliances solutions on display during CES 2013 in Las Vegas. Haier's smart appliances line-up includes its French Refrigerator, the world's first single-door double temperature zone wine cooler, a full line-up of smart TVs, and other innovative products, which all show Haier's innovative new smart features. In terms of TV products, Haier is exhibiting its new generation of smart TVs, which are characterized by their vision control, gesture control and face recognition features. "Smart control experience", "ultra high definition", and "cloud family" have become Haier TVs' remarkable innovation keywords.

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Smart Refrigerator Runs Apps for Shopping Lists, Recipes


Refrigerators are getting smart. A new model released earlier this month runs apps to help users browse recipes, create shopping lists and manage the expiration dates of items like yogurt and milk.

The T9000 refrigerator by electronics company Samsung has a 10-inch Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreen and includes apps such as Epicurious for recipes and Evernote for note-taking.

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Repair-Prone Kitchen Ranges

Every cook needs a reliable stove. But Consumer Reports finds big differences in reliability based on its survey covering more than 67,000 gas and electric ranges bought in the last five years. Popular brands such as KitchenAid and Jenn-Air have proved among the most repair-prone.

"We do this survey every year, and while we don't have repair histories of individual models, we've found you're much less likely to need repairs if you buy from a brand with a good record of reliability," said Celia Kuperszmid-Lehrman of Consumer Reports.

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“2013 CES Global Consumer Electronic Trends Research Report” Highlights Haier

January 11, 2013, the four-day International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) came to an end successfully in Las VegasUnited States. The show featured industry trend-leading exhibitions and innovative products. A market research report that aimed to assess future trends and patterns in the global consumer electronics industry was also a major focus of this exhibition and highlighted Haier.

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LG Eyes 20 Percent Revenue Growth From Home Appliances in 2013

Consumer durables major LG Electronics India on Friday said it expects revenues to grow by 20 percent in 2013, riding on robust performance by its home appliances division.

The company, which is looking to close 2012 with a low single-digit rise in its turnover, will also invest around Rs. 1,500 crore in this year on various segments.

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Bugatti Italy Brings Luxury to Home Appliances


The Italians don't make it easy on the house proud who love to live surrounded by beautiful things; sexy sports cars, slick designer clothes, and now stylish home appliances.

No relation to the hypercar, Bugatti Italy makes high-end household appliances and kitchenware that function as good as they look. 

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DG Appliance Officially Authorized for Repair of LG and Samsung Appliances


DG Appliance has been officially certified to provide appliance repair services on LG and Samsung appliances. With the recent certifications, the company is able to help a wide range of new customers as an authorized repair center. Each and every technician employed by the company has been trained to properly repair a wide range of different types of appliances for both homes and businesses, including washing machines and dryers, refrigerators, ovens and any other type of appliances.

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Start of the Year is the Best Time to Buy Home Appliances, Electronics


The presidential inauguration comes just a few weeks before the celebration of President's Day, a national holiday. And holidays mean sales and bargains, often on big ticket items.

Traditionally, this time of year is one of the best times to buy a new mattress. And don't just settle on the sales price, but feel free to haggle a bit on the cost or have the salesperson throw in some extras like bedding and pillows.

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Maintaining Electrolux Appliances for High Performance

Once you have Electrolux appliances, you know you have arrived.  The choice of designers and discriminating homeowners, Electrolux appliances are beautiful in their esthetics and functionality.  Once you have them, like with an elegant luxury car, you must maintain them with quality care; and the only place to get original elextrolux spare parts and accessories for your Electrolux is from the source.

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Blue Ridge Appliance’s Product Quality, Value and Expertise Sizzle on All Burners


Blue Ridge Appliance & Hearth Inc. is cooking up a storm, in offering a variety of affordable quality appliances and decades of industry experience and product and service knowledge.

The business is owned and run by the Glenn family — Eugene and Sharon, and their son Michael. Eugene has worked as a technician for 48 years, since 1965 starting with local Brunson’s Furniture. He worked briefly for General Electric, when it had a corporate-run appliance company.

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Laundry Advice From Samsung Professional Appliances

Double and king size duvets need a washing machine with a drum volume of at least 100 litres to wash effectively, and the tumble dryer should have double that volume to dry properly. Laundry services that try to get away with domestic machines with drum sizes around 60 litres are just not going to cope with these items. Even if they fit in, they won’t be washed satisfactorily and the machine will break down.

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How to Keep Appliances in Working Order During the Holidays

An Angie’s List poll recently reported more than 40 percent of the people taking part in the poll said they will host a holiday dinner.

“That’s going to put some added stress on appliances around the house,” said Steve Gordon, a spokesman for Annapolis Appliance Repair. “Annapolis Appliance has some quick tips to help home appliances survive the holiday season intact.”

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Stainless Steel Isn’t Stainless After All


When Donald Mele and his wife decided to replace their kitchen appliances last year, they chose Kenmore stainless-steel appliances from Sears because they thought they would last longer.

But a year and a half after the Eagan couple paid $1,701 for a refrigerator, reddish-brown stains started forming on the freezer door.

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63,000 Bosch Dishwashers Recalled By BHS Appliances


he company is recalling 20 models of dishwashers manufactured between 2000 and 2006, totalling 63,000 dishwashers in total.

The recalled dishwashers "may develop cracks in the printed circuit board within the control module," which "could potentially lead to melting of soldering material or, in an unlikely event, ignition of a fire in the dishwasher."

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GE’s New Emphasis In Appliances: Sound Design

The built-in kickstand that props up Microsoft’s new tablet computer, Surface, requires two springs to operate. The mechanism in the final product, however, includes three. That third spring, the company proudly explained to reporters in a pre-launch visit to its headquarters, was added merely for extra sonic oomph, a bit of acoustic reassurance in the kickstand itself and a subtle, audible pronouncement of the device’s superior quality in general.

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Iffy Repair Record Keeps Frigidaire Front-Loader Off Top Picks List

What if a front-loader is great at getting your laundry clean and its capacity is large enough that a comforter fits comfortably--would you buy it? This front-loader costs less than most, is stingy with water, and extracts a lot of it so drying time is shortened. But here's the catch. The front-loader is from Frigidaire, a brand that's among the most repair-prone in Consumer Reports' latest Product Reliability Survey.

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The Home Depot Welcomes Samsung To Its Home Appliance Line-Up

The Home Depot®, the world's largest home improvement retailer, today announced it is expanding its home appliance offerings to include products from Samsung Electronics America, Inc. The appliances will be available to be ordered in The Home Depot store locations nationwide and on beginning December 9, 2012.

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Unplugged: Midea Fined Millions For Wasteful Freezers

The Department of Energy on Thursday levied the biggest penalty in the 37-year history of the appliance energy efficiency standards program. It fined China-based Midea Corp. $4.5 million because of hundreds of thousands of inefficient compact freezers the company made.

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LG, Frigidaire, Maytag Win 10rate Editors Choice Awards in the Appliance Category

10rate editors Brittany Rowland and John E. Moore cut through all the choices out there in the appliance category to come up with their top choices. According to the Best Front Load Washing Machine page at they selected their top choices based on the following criteria:

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How to Choose a Washing Machine?

There are different types of washing machines, which differ on power and water consumption, capacity and maintenance costs. Here’s how to choose what you need.

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Investigation of Haier TV Stand Recall


Scott Starr, of the Indiana law firm of Starr, Austen & Miller, LLP, announced that the firm is investigating potential products liability claims related to the recall of Haier American 42-inch LED televisions.

Haier American Trading Company is the American import arm of the giant Chinese based Haier Group that produces and exports a wide range of home appliances and electronics, ranging from dishwashers to televisions. The recall at issue here specifically relates to Haier 42-inch LED televisions with the model number LE42B1380, which were distributed nationwide through both chain retail stores, most prominently Fry’s Electronics, as well as online through and other online retailers. These televisions were sold from September 2011 through March 2012.

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LG, Samsung See Energy Efficiency Marketing Pay Off

When EnergyStar began pilot testing its "Most Efficient" label in 2011, some companies and trade associations were concerned that having an additional top tier designation would take away from the existing Energy Star Gold label. Initially, only a few companies were onboard with the programme, and only a handful of products met the criteria for the label.

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Exploding Oven Doors: Isolated Incidents or Greater Safety Concern?

Across the country, consumers are reporting sudden explosions in the kitchen. 

The surprising source? The glass in the door of their gas or electric oven.

If they hadn't seen it for themselves, Susan and Dave Baker of Port Orchard still wouldn't believe it. The inside glass on their oven is fine, but all that's left of the outside glass is crumbling shards stuck inside the door frame.

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Production Starts on GE’s HE Washing Machine; Creating New Jobs


GE Appliances is investing $60 million in new high-efficiency washing machine facility and product, creating 150 new jobs and supporting about 40 domestic suppliers.

The popularity of the high efficiency washing technology has driven more innovation and investment in top load washing machine category. 

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How To Get Rid Of Refrigerator Odors With Oatmeal

It’s pretty unpleasant when you’re cleaning out your fridge and you suddenly smell a nasty odor. Whether it’s old takeout or just some fruits and veggies that have gone bad, you’ll definitely want to nip gross smells in the bud. Luckily, you don’t have to cover the odor with harsh chemicals.The Daily Green found a cool way to get rid of refrigerator odors naturally.

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World’s Most Energy Efficient Televisions Recognized

With televisions 33 to 44% more efficient than those with similar technologies, Samsung and LG took top awards at the first-ever SEAD Global Efficiency Medal competition for flat-panel televisions. The global awards program encourages the production and sale of super-efficient equipment, appliances and electronics, focusing on products with significant global energy consumption and energy savings potential. The competition will spur innovation among manufacturers and encourage consumer adoption of top performing models.

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Haier Reaffirms Industry Leadership With Debut of 3D LED Android AppTVs

The TVs feature Haier's No-flicker 3D technology, bringing an unbelievable immersive viewing experience to enjoy a world of 3D entertainment comfortably with outstanding picture quality, amazing depth, brilliant colours and loads of possibilities.

With brighter colour, super high contrast ratio and a wider viewing angle, 3D movies look more clear and vivid from anywhere in the living room. In addition, the models come with Haier's 3D glasses, which do not need batteries, making them more featherweight and convenient than conventional 3D glasses.

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Ask Angie: Solutions for Washing Machine Water Flow Problem


Dear Angie:

I have a top-load washer. When I run it, cold water just trickles in, but hot water flows fine. I have never had a water softener. Could this be lime buildup or something else? Any idea how to fix it or how much it might cost? I.C. (No city given), Ohio

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Whirlpool Gets Another Perfect Score On Human Rights Index

Whirlpool Corp. received a score of 100 from the Human Rights Campaign on the 2013 U.S. Corporate Equality Index. It is the ninth consecutive year that the appliance maker attained a perfect score on the index - making Whirlpool the only appliance company to do so.

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Safety Alert: Beko Tumble Dryers at Risk of Fire

Beko has issued a safety notice warning that some of its condenser tumble dryers are at risk of catching fire. If you have bought a Beko condenser dryer sometime between May and October this year, keep reading to find out if you have one of the affected models.

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Haier’s Innovations Win Global Recognition

For more than 10 years, Haier has always been changing, becoming bigger and stronger. According to data from authoritative international market research institute Euromonitor, in 2011, the brand retail volume of Haier accounted for 7.8 percent of the global market of the world's big home appliance industry, ranking 1st for the third time in a row.

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2 Men Tie to Win Oldest Refrigerator Contest in RI


The owners of two 1939 refrigerators have won a contest to identify the oldest refrigerators in Rhode Island.

National Grid and Sears sponsored the contest to highlight energy efficiency and a program that rewards the utility’s customers for getting rid of old appliances.

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Action 9 Investigates Appliance Warranties

Orlando woman claims an appliance chain sold her a refurbished washer and dryer that didn't work from day one and when she asked for a refund, she couldn't believe what they said.

Julie Bishop bought a refurbished washer and dryer from Appliances 4 Less, which advertises one year warranties.

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Expect Great Customer Service When Buying New Home Appliances

ots of retailers will sell you new appliances for your home but will they provide you with great customer service? It all starts right on the showroom floor with a sales person helping in the selection of your new refrigerator. There are many choices in the configuration of a refrigerator such as bottom or top freezer, side by side, single or French doors, the appliance’s capacity and all the available options. A sales person with a commitment to the customer will take the time to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each choice and help you select the one that best meets your needs. A commissioned salesperson may only be interested in closing the deal and moving on to the next customer.

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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Appliances for Your Home

There are a lot of factors that should go into choosing the right appliances for your family, but so often we get caught up on the price tag. There's far more to appliance shopping than just your budget. Here are 4 things to consider the next time you shop: 

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The EPA’s War on Home Appliances


Are you disappointed in every shower head that you purchase? Does your toilet have trouble flushing? Have you noticed that your dishes are still dirty after the dishwasher cycle is completed?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re not alone. Some of us may be quick to blame the manufacturer of these home appliances. But the manufacturers are just abiding by the costly regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy.

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Go-Go Gadgets Keep Going for Less, While Traditional Appliances Rack Up High Energy Bills


Running all those tablets and smartphones is surprisingly easy on the wallet, and even computer games consoles won't run up the bill, meaning families looking to save on their energy bills don't have to deny themselves the latest technology.

While an iPhone 5 costs a whopping $799 to buy outright, keeping fully juiced up for an entire year costs just 84, a staggering 24 times less than the yearly cost of running a typical halogen lightbulb four hours a night.

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‘We’re Keeping Fisher & Paykel Kiwi’: Haier

Fisher & Paykel Appliances has been delisted from the NZX this week as its new owners,Haier, move in. 

After the takeover, finalised last month, NZ Labour Party raised concerns that jobs may be lost abroad as the appliance giant changed hands. 

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Don’t Hide These Stylish Small Appliances In The Closet

Vacuum cleaners have had a purpose and a place. Their place: the closet, except when removed to fulfill their purpose - to clean your rugs and carpets...then back in the closet until next time. They've had no other reason to see the light of day, have they? Perhaps now they do. With award-winning design breakthroughs that have even landed in museums, these humble, dust-sucking home appliances have come a long way in recent years.

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Energy Star Appliances Can Be Right Choice

The advent of labor-saving devices has been a boon for industry and our standard of living. Appliances such as washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and water heaters revolutionized our professional and domestic lives and are now ubiquitous in most houses and apartments. The time and energy we have reclaimed by using these machines has allowed us to specialize our skills and enjoy more leisure time.

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Panasonic Launches New Small Appliances

Panasonic has launched its first range of small appliances in the UK. The new range includes a breakfast collection (kettle, toaster, filter coffee maker) and some feature-packed steam irons.

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LG Electronics First To Be Certified By CSA Group For Appliance Sustainability Standard


G Electronics has become the first major appliance manufacturer to have its refrigerators certified by CSA Group to meet the industry's new Sustainability Standard for Household Refrigeration Appliances.

Nine LG refrigerators, from popular French Door models to all-new LG ThinQ "smart" models, achieved the levels required to meet the new environmental standard, according to CSA Group. 

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BlueStar Cooking Appliances on The Next Iron Chef

BlueStar cooking appliances have been selected for the third time to be featured on Food Network's popular show The Next Iron Chef: Redemption. The reality series features several professional chefs competing to out-cook one another and earn the Iron Chef title.

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Interiors: The Evolution of Appliance Colors

What color are your kitchen appliances? Did you ever wonder about the chronology of color for kitchen appliances? If so, read on. — In the beginning, the kitchen was a simple place consisting of a fireplace or woodstove, a table and chairs -- and little else.

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LG Electronics Prevails in Direct Drive Front-Load Washing Machine Patent Case

G Electronics received a favorable decision in a washing machine patent infringement case tried in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware. Following a four-day trial, a Delaware jury determined that three LG patents related to direct drive front-load washing machine technology are valid and infringed by Asko/Daewoo. 

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Gorenje Hits Out at Appliance Industry


Gorenje sales and marketing director Bill Miller has slammed ‘influential’ brands for making retailers lose interest in selling appliances.

Speaking exclusively to kbbreview, Miller expressed his concerns that a lack of margins and exclusivity have killed front-line retailers’ enthusiasm for selling appliances.

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Lowe’s to Offer Appliance Innovations from LG Electronics Starting in 2013

Furthering its commitment to delivering customers the best in appliance selection, Lowe's today announced plans to bring stylish, innovative and energy efficient home appliances from LG Electronics into its stores for the first time, starting in the first quarter of 2013. The products also will be available on

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Colourful Small Appliances From Ariete Spice Up Your Kitchen

Some are cordless and rechargeable, others are corded, but all these not too expensive colourful small appliances from Ariete surely make your kitchen countertop more interesting. If you happen to be or live in Europe, you should pick several of those.

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Samsung’s Whitegoods Boss Talks Connected Appliances and Retail Strategy


As consumers gear up for summer, Samsung is busy promoting its innovative new appliances to the Australian market. The recently launched Smart Series Refrigerator and Smart Series Air Conditioners both feature Wi-Fi connectivity and represent a concerted push into the connected home for Samsung.

Current spoke to Mike Lilly, head of home appliances for Samsung Electronics Australia, about the brand’s move into the connected category and its broader strategy for home appliances leading into next year.

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Global Economy Affecting Sales of Branded Household Appliances


anufacturers and retailers of branded household appliances are bracing for tough times ahead due to the sluggish global economy.

Pensonic Holdings BhdDaewoo Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd, CT Frank Technology Sdn Bhd, and Star Electronics Sales and Services Sdn Bhdare experiencing the impact of a contracting global economy.

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The ‘Good Old Days’ Are Now

Thanks to ongoing advances in energy-saving technologies, the chart above shows the significant increases in the energy efficiency of five common home appliances based on historical data that were just released by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) for the years 1981 to 2011. Those improvements in energy efficiency translate into significant energy cost savings for American households. According to a press release from the AHAM, US consumers could save $90 per year on average if they replaced their 10-year old refrigerator, clothes washer, and dishwasher with today’s energy efficient models. The savings from lower operating costs would be even greater when comparing today’s modern models to the appliances of 20 or 30 years ago.

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