April showers bring May flowers, and wet weather. The dampness and humidity resulting from springtime showers can lead to every homeowner's nightmare: wet spots on walls and floors, musty odors, warped wood, peeling wallpaper, rusted tools, blistered paint, and mold growth. What can homeowners do to remedy the situation? More and more are turning to dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture, and make their homes comfortable again. AHAM-certified dehumidifiers carry a certification seal assuring consumers that the amount of water the appliance removes from the air (in pints per 24 hours) is correctly stated on the product's nameplate. The seal also tells prospective buyers that the unit's water-removal performance is rated accurately and has been verified through tests conducted by an independent testing laboratory.

If you are shopping for a new dehumidifier, follow these simple steps:

• Use the AHAM Dehumidification Selection Guide table to determine what size unit is needed to eliminate the excess moisture problem. This table combines household square footage and moisture conditions to calculate what size unit is required to restore and maintain air comfort. Click on Getting Started at left to obtain your own copy of the dehumidification table.

• Check out the new dehumidifier models online. Click on Who Makes What at left to shop for dehumidifiers now.

• Look for the orange and white AHAM dehumidifier seal. That seal is your guarantee that what you need is what you get.

• Follow the manufacturer's instructions for operating and maintaining the unit.

Keep the use and care booklet in an accessible location.