Are Household Appliances Getting Too Complicated?

Are our household appliances getting too complicated, wonders Tom Meltzer of The Guardian. “The modern washing machine has a dozen or more cycles that no one has ever used. The ‘baby cycle,’ for example, aimed presumably at parents too lazy to wash their babies in the bath. Or, quoting now from a variety of machines, the ‘duvet,’ sports,’ ‘bed and bath,’ ‘reduced crease,’ ‘allergy’ and ‘freshen up’ cycles. … The washing machine is hardly alone in this; all our appliances have learned new tricks. Posh kettles heat our water to a variety of temperatures; tumble dryers offer a variety of ‘dryness levels’ and even fairly basic toasters now boast a ‘bagel function.’ At the top end of the market, you can now buy a fridge with a built-in radio and voice recorder.”

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