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<a >beats by dre</a>  So! Hey. Plenty has adjusted for me due to the fact I wrote right here last: Probably the most major thing is usually that my husband received a completely new occupation to the East Coastline. In only two or three weeks, we’ll be packing up our cat and transferring from a roomy two-bedroom in L.A. to the small studio in Ny. And in planning for the transfer, I’ve still left my position.  With all these changes imminent, I eagerly flipped open up Marie Claire’s April Couples dilemma. What timing! Surely using the emotional stress in the transfer, my search for a position in Ny, together with the drastic reduction within our residing room, I could use some level-headed relationship help and advice.The fact is that, Marie Claire should certainly have essential earnings verification for any person planning to scan “The New American Couple.” Not inside of a top tax bracket? Then this short article is just not for your requirements.Considered one of the couples profiled is Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, who works from Atlanta, and her partner, Jesse Itzler, Marquis Jet’s cofounder, located in New york. Here’s how they regulate:Not surprisingly, to help make their warp-speed, frequent-flying lifestyle operate, they depend on the crew of minders: personalized assistants, motorists, chefs, a 24-hour nanny on call, and “house managers” who be sure that, at any time, there is Diet Coke with the refrigerator, gas on the tanks, and thoroughly clean sheets relating to the mattress.Which is clean sheets over the beds in 4 totally different homes, by the way. Meanwhile, Michelle Rhee, former D.C. schools chancellor, and Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson faced a challenge I’m sure we can all relate to:Q: Why did you phone off your wedding previous September?Kevin: We wanted to get married in Sacramento—the publicity would have been good for city business—but it quickly became a media circus.Michelle: The local paper obtained a hold of our invitation and printed it. There were security issues.And then there’s Sima Baran and Paul Robertson, whose occupations are rather obnoxiously listed from the guide as “sailors on their 41-foot yacht, Leander.”They’ve been sailing as October 2007 and plan to keep sailing for another year and a half. (That’s five years at sea, for those of you keeping track. FIVE YEARS.) Here’s how these nomads keep romance alive:On Valentine’s Day 2010, we were in Malaysia, and Paul surprised me with local pancakes from the street vendor and a bouquet. We don’t have the “I’m too tired to fool around after work” dilemma. We have time on our hands, which is fun.What a revelation! People who don’t get the job done aren’t “too tired to fool around after work”? If only I’d known that my sex life could be improved simply by forgoing a paycheck and employer-sponsored health insurance!Seriously, Marie Claire, who is this informative article for? Something like 0.002 percent of the population? (And are those people even reading Marie Claire? I assume they’re reading Millionaire Aircraft, Millionaire Fashion, and Millionaire Jewelry with a stack of sticky flags to mark their future purchases.)About the plus side, the short article contains a refreshingly honest recollection from journalist Lisa Ling and her husband, Dr. Paul Song, about going to marital counseling, and also the short article also includes Louanne Brickhouse, a Disney production VP, and Ilene Chaiken (The L Word producer), a nice break from the typical default heteronormativity of women;s magazines.Of course, Marie Claire tries to paint the partners in this content as the new American norm. And in some ways, this is good: interracial couples, non-hetero partners, women running companies? Yes! More of this in magazines, please!But in portraying these wealthy couples as typical, the piece of writing fails to acknowledge that their solutions—hiring household staff, quitting their jobs to travel, even putting off a wedding due to press interference (guess neither needed to get married for health insurance!)—come not from great marriage skill, but from money and privilege. And that has the unfortunate effect of making the advice on these pages as out-of-reach as the designer clothes relating to the rest of them.Un-Lucky Break for Kim France: She’s Out, Holley’s In <a >canada goose</a>
<a >dr dre beats</a>  <object height=“344” width=“425”><param name=“movie” value=“” ><embed allowfullscreen=“true” height=“344” src=“” type=“application/x-shockwave-flash” width=“425” /></object>What;s most troubling about this commercial? Is it the unoriginal use of cats to represent the female anatomy? The racial stereotypes? The notions that pubic hair is untidy and rough around the edges and fun to remove? Or the fact that some executive thinks this commercial is a brilliant way to convince us to buy the product?(Spotted at Feministing)Marie Claire: OMG, You Guys, Mandy’s Becoming Married!  <a >beats by dr dre</a>