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<a >thomas sabo</a>    In their own words: “Cosmopolitan is the lifestylist for millions of fun fearless females who want to be the best they can be in every area of their lives.” Obsessed with: Sex. Duh.The cover: Cosmo’s cover model is a B-list celeb, pictured from head to mid-thigh with one manicured hand resting jauntily on her hip. Her breasts are shoved up to her chin. An assistant at the photo shoot directed a fan at her to make her teased hair look somewhat lifelike, and the makeup artist applied a generous streak of highlighter between her breasts. Text surrounds her, teasing articles that promise to divulge what men really crave. The word “sex,” or some permutation thereof, appears at least twice.In every issue: • Confessions that involve binge drinking, illicit sex, or projectile vomiting from an orgiastic combination of the two. • Tips for spicing up your sex life, most of which involve unlikely props like scrunchies or donuts. • The refusal to use the same noun twice in one story, resulting in beauty articles mentioning hair, manes, tresses, strands, and locks. • An unwillingness to use anatomical terms, leading to otherwise frank sex counsel discussing “moan zones” and “below the belt bits.”• An article detailing a horrific way in which young white women have been killed—and how it could happen to you!Notable staffers: Editor-in-chief Kate White, who has penned five murder mystery novels. So, is there a connection between serving a decade at Cosmo and fantasizing about violent homicides? White is also the author of two advice tomes, including the improbably titled sex manual How to Set His Thighs on Fire.Who the magazine thinks you are: A 22-year-old Carrie Bradshaw acolyte.Who the average reader actually is: A college student who plans to become Carrie Bradshaw as soon as she graduates and moves to Manhattan.Fashion aesthetic: One-size-too-small mall chic.Actual advice: •At a crowded party, grab a cute guy, tell him you can’t find your friend (no need to have one there with you), and ask if he has seen her.  When he says no, start chatting him up while you “wait” for her. (“Cosmo Weekend,” November 2007)•Have your dad take you out to dinner as often as possible.  The reasons: It’s great bonding time, and his open-wallet generosity will dry up once you’re hitched.  Face it, your reception is the last meal that’ll be his treat. (“Single Girl Things to Do Before You Marry,” May 2006)Blame Cosmo for: The use of the suffix -ify to transform an adjective into a verb, e.g. sexify or prettify.Overall message: Wear skimpy clothes and sexy makeup, all so you’ll have the chance to show that special guy your outrageous bedroom moves. But how well do you really know him? He might be hiding a dangerous secret that could lead to your violent demise—if a wildly contagious virus doesn’t fell you first!Check out all our Cosmopolitan coverage here.Table of Discontent: Blessed <a >thomas sabo bracelet</a>
<a >pandora jewelry</a>  Simply how much Vogue can a human currently being tackle in a single sitting? For your 3rd consecutive yr, I’m placing myself on the test to search for out! The experiment starts at ten:00 a.m. Pacific. Require history on this? Right here will be the good results from 2007 and very last 12 months.The 5 Options Glamour Undermines Its Size-12 Self-Acceptance Message <a >canada goose jacket</a>