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dr dre beats  Yesterday, in dire want of a raise, I invested about three pounds and alter on the latte. Because the perky cashier for the Coffee Bean took my purchase, she asked even if I desired to lead a dollar towards their charitable induce du jour. And why not? What’s one other dollar when eight ounces of espresso expenses greater than a gallon of gas?Back at home, I reflected on my minimal decent deed and, bursting with my newfound ethical superiority, I recognized I necessary to do much more. There had to become another thing, some grand gesture I could make to assist the a lot less lucky this holiday time. So I decided to look over my copy of Lucky’s December difficulty. There’s no rule that claims I have to be sloppy though serving humankind, proper? Can it be so improper that I need to appear really good and do decent for the similar time?How fortuitous, then, that Lucky introduced me with another prospect to present into a decent produce just simply by selecting anything I really don’t even really need! In “Beauty Spy,” site one hundred seventy, the magazine options an $85 Chantecaille bronzer—and five % within the proceeds from its sale head over to help save the dwindling population of Bengal tigers!  Bengals? Oh, I like cats! Fail to remember my measly greenback within the coffee place. My $4.twenty five would have the power to carry out very much way more good—and I’d attain a sun-kissed glow in the exact same time!The bronzer definitely received my thoughts doing the job. What else could I do for people furry four-legged creatures I so adore? It’s like Blessed was looking at my mind! This is just what I found in “Party Ready”:  “Statement fur” indeed! What better strategy to display my affection for wildlife than to don an animal’s carcass across my shoulders?Now, I realize what you are contemplating: isn’t it kind of odd that Fortunate would advise conserving an endangered species on a person page and then showcase fur on a different? It’s fully not hypocritical, however! See, the fur coat is rabbit, and we all know bunnies will never deal with endangerment!Loaded when using the warmth of extreme self-satisfaction, I flipped back again with the journal, envisioning how alluring I’d be with my bronzer-streaked cheeks and silky rabbit coat. After which I arrived throughout this ad:  Oh, Petra, you are so proper! It really is potential to be both—and I was so fearful I;d really need to determine!Wintour Wednesdays, Thursday Version: “Fashion, That’s All She Considered About”  pandora jewelry
thomas sabo  Below;s a press release I never ever assumed I;d must make:I’m not Jean Godfrey-June.   Recently I;ve been flooded with emails from shoddy word wide web marketers who apparently believe I am the beauty director of Lucky. They send messages titled Jean Godfrey-June—nothing conveys credibility like the recipient;s full name in the subject line!—and offer services like $500 a month PR packages, help with Quickbooks, and 5 guaranteed interviews with press a month. Seems legitimate!How do these shady people confuse me with Jean Godfrey-June? Google results, I guess. (Google gives me Godfrey-June;s Twitter first, a Gothamist post from 2006 next, and this site third.)But do not ever mind that my name is on this site. Is it really so difficult to determine that a blog where Jean Godfrey-June;s writing skills are impugned, her book mocked, and her ability to do her job is questioned probably does not belong to Jean Godfrey-June? I guess so!Maybe I should put my name here in 48-pt bold type to prevent confusion. Or maybe I should just change my name to, I don;t know, Gene Joffrey-July and find a job where I write meandering personal anecdotes about solid perfume and get disparaged on the online by frustrated bloggers. Then maybe—maybe!—there;d be grounds for confusion.For future email entrepreneurs who stumble upon this site and somehow think Wendy Felton and years of perhaps unjustifiably angry screeds are secret code for Jean Godfrey-June, I have three things to say to you:1. I’m not Jean Godfrey-June.2. If you had half the intelligence of the paper that Lucky is printed on, you’d have figured that out. Yet you continue to hit send on these emails. Which can only mean one thing:3. You are all idiots.Lucky’s Jean Godfrey-June Goes Towards “Type”  thomas sabo