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On the following Rams possession, QB Kyle Boller (starting for the injured Marc Bulger) rolled to the right, but felt pressure to succeed and threw back over the field for that screen. LB Patrick Willis intercepted the ball for your 23-yard touchdown score. Willis also was credited Beani Wells Jersey  for a couple.5 sacks, together with a sack where he burst over the line untouched, handling Boller before his the third step.
49ers visiting all cylinders in 35
But a unique teams touchdown for the reason that team’s only points wasn’t whatever the 49ers could rely upon with the loved one, and Singletary told his players them to had to set a negative for the remainder of the video game.
“It’s always advantageous to get a three game lead from the division. We were to use one game at the same time and hopefully by the end of the summer season, we win the division and become an attempt to penetrate the playoffs. Assuming that we (the defense) always play together, we will be one of the 5 best defenses within the league.”
“Today was one of the greatest games I’ve had but there’s much to improve on—we’ve created a step today.”
It had not been one of the better games for the 49ers, in spite of the 35-0 blowout. NT Aubrayo Franklin claims that there are still improvements to be made, but is rather happy in regards to the team’s current standings in the NFC West.
“It’s a superb sign that many of us can generate points from elsewhere,” Singletary said in his post-game conference.
The 49ers, in theory, has a great game up against the Rams. But there still are loads of holes  for the 49ers to mend, especially on offense. And Singletary recognizes that the offense still is a piece in progress.
“I keep telling Shaun that when I have a play where I’m vertical and you notice that safety beyond me, and there is nothinbg in between but linebackers—just throw it.”
But there aren’t complaints right this moment with the 49ers. They won an activity that they can knew that they to win first and foremost, the group keeps growing as being a a very good unit in the NFC. The street shall be more difficult for the 49ers as they host the Atlanta Falcons a few weeks.
“We (the offense) were playing hard, simply executing,” said Singletary. “We’re visiting run the ball in the beginning. As time passes, we’re just likely to carry on and open it up as Shaun Hill can open it up and feels confident to achieve that.”
It was actually the very first time since November 10, 1997 (a game against Philadelphia) the fact that 49ers scored a touchdown through the offense, defense and special teams.
Irrespective of the opponent, the 49ers defense did look impressive today. Not counting the three forced turnovers, the run defense stopped Rams RB Steven Jackson to easily 79 yards on to the floor. The pass defense only surrendered 108 passing yards. The defense also collected five sacks amongst players.
To commence in depth tutorials quarter, the 49ers offense would score over a 24-yard passing play to WR Josh Morgan—his first touchdown in the Eric Decker Jersey  season. DE Ray McDonald would recover a muffed handoff with the Rams with an 11-yard touchdown run. The viewers noise increased with every score right after a very quiet first half.
The San Francisco 49ers have just established themselves because the team to defeat inside the NFC West. Their 35-0 conquer the St. Louis Rams on Sunday puts the 49ers record to 3-1, with a 3-0 record up against the division. It is the team’s first shutout ever since the last bet on the 2001 season.
“I merely wanted our guys to remind ourselves until this is the house. You should set the tempo. We really do not want any team arriving here and setting the tempo. We need to set the tempo therefore we were not doing that. I felt that they had been having a battle to us. Anytime you do, which is not good and that is basically it for halftime.”
The 49ers scored twice on offense, twice on defense whenever on special teams. Along with head coach Mike Singletary, he was glad that the 49ers were playing well not in the offense.
The 49ers did transform up to the lover. From a game where running game struggled (rookie RB Glen Coffee rushed for 75 yards on 24 carries on the injured Frank Gore), QB Shaun used the passing game to get the tempo for the 49ers. Midway with the third quarter, Hill affiliated with Vernon Davis for your 13-yard touchdown score right in the middle—the identical play they ran the other day in Minnesota.
When using Andy Lee punt, returner Danny Amendola waved off his teammates, letting the ball bounce. The ball ricocheted off of CB Quincy Butler’s leg for the 20 yard line. The ball was recovered in the long run zone by 49ers rookie LB Scott McKillop to your team’s first touchdown of your game.
The Rams and 49ers were publishing medicore numbers offensively while in the first half. The 49ers had 112 offensive yards as well as Rams totaled 113. It had not been until the 5:40 mark during the second quarter in which the 49ers arrived the apparatus and started the domination with the Rams.
“I’m glad he’s on my team,” said QB Shaun Hill.