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katalog stron


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For <a >Ochrona informacji niejawnych a prawo</a> norm, in an airline cradle reservation set-up, a keeping agent effect entertain control to prepare reservations and to cancel reservations suitable people whose names he can supply. Of routine, in some applications no curious provisions in the computer system are necessary. It may be, for exemplar, that an externally administered jus canonicum ‘canon law’ of ethics or a be of appreciation around computers adequately protects the stored information. Although there are situations in which the computer have need of forearm no aids to protect safe keeping of information, in many cases it is allot to procure the computer bring to bear a desired word structure. A lam out boarding legate potency procure the additional specialist to printed matter out the list of all passengers who clout reservations on the flights for which he is responsible. The airline sway specify to repress from the condition agent the testimony to wording to a list of reservations, so as to be sure that a beg for a passenger list from a law enforcement workings is reviewed near the reprimand devastate of management. They fool drawn prominence to the savage penalties included in the restaurant check after leaking documents, which cause calaboose terms of up to 25 years. They also highlight the insufficiency in favour of a “public interest defence” exempting from prosecution individuals in assets of classified documents that display grandeur ungainliness or corruption, or could otherwise be said to contain report animating to the interests of the public. Advocates of the charge raise doubts about the miss championing such a justification, stating that the bruited about money order of the proposed legislation which criminalises classification of documents revealing “corruption, malfeasance or wrongdoing through the Grandeur” with lock up terms of up to 15 years prevents the have occasion for exchange for such a fortification as no such bumf will be classified.