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<a >thomas sabo</a>  •  Marie Claire staffers are reportedly fleeing the magazine.  What, are they not getting enough screen time in “The Masthead with Marie Claire”?•  Elle Executive Editor Alex Postman tells Mediabistro that, when interviewing candidates for a job, she asks about their reading habits.  Good news, job applicants: If you’ve managed to read every word on the magazine’s cover, you’re hired.  (And we promise to never trot out that joke again!)•  Catfight!  Jennifer Hudson and André Leon Talley are still arguing over that ugly bolero.•  And these excerpts from former Jane staffer Karen Cohen Yampolsky’s“novel” about Jane Pratt reveal the inner machinations of the magazineindustry. Also, they reveal that Yampolsky is an exceedingly bad writer.Ruffles Are Successful, together with other Startling Insights from Vogue’s Anna Wintour <a >pandora jewelry</a>
<a >thomas sabo</a>  We really do not just want to impugn the intelligence of Jane readers—thoughmaybe we’d choose to impugn the intelligence of Jane staffers. Only a minor. In any event. The genuine storiesshared by visitors in December/January’s “Are You About to Be Fired?” make us wonderexactly how these visitors handle to be  employed—and howeven more out-of-touch Jane must be to consider these workplacetales of adversity even remotely helpful. Or even remotely illustrative of reality.We give you the story of 22-year-old Heather.“I always get in trouble for stufflike putting the word yay in an e-mail, or ‘unprofessional’ chitchat,like asking a client with 10 kids if he’s Catholic…”Guess what, Heather? That’s not ‘unprofessional.’ It’s unprofessional. (Ask a grown-up to explain that one to you,dear, as we’re sure the finer points of punctuation are completely lost onyou.) Not to mention potentially offensive and certainly rude.Then there’s Danielle, who, at 26,is old enough to know better.“No one seems to have a problemwith three-martini lunches, but I guess when it’s 8 a.m., it’s somehowinappropriate.”Somehow.And even more galling is that Janedoesn’t take a moment to explain to visitors that inquiring about a client’s religion or showing up at work sauced is,you know, generally unacceptable.  Hey, maybe such behavior is totally okay  at the magazine’s headquarters (and soooo Jane, too!). But why bother to educate the young, impressionable audience in proper workplace etiquette? Someone’s got to grow up and go to work for Brandon Holley.Jane: Ultimately, A Cause To secure a Genuine Project <a >dr dre beats</a>