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Few players polarize fans like Reggie Bush. He gets them butting heads like Couture and Nogueira from the UFC 102 fight card. Is he a bust as the featured back? Is he a vigorous, versatile scat back? At the very least everyone agrees on one thing; he’s brittle. I guess I’d dance around behind the queue of scrimmage too merely knew every hit would shatter me to pieces.
Five Most Injury
He’s an incredible talent but he’s no more than go-to wideouts come at 5’9” and 185 pounds. His body is able to only take a great deal of jostling around and the man misses some games very season. He’s yet another loose cannon - a ticking time bomb ready <a >Brady Quinn Jersey</a>  to move off any second and acquire suspended. Anyone who punches out his teammates can not be <a >LeSean McCoy Jersey</a>  relied on to learn a whole season.
You could depend upon several things each year from Bob Sanders: Pro-Bowl-caliber play, superb run-stopping ability inside position and significant time missed because of injury. Sanders has played six games or fewer in three of his five seasons. He’s a walking chandelier.
1. Bob Sanders, safety, Indianapolis Colts
3. Reggie Bush, halfback, Team
He’s the phrase a “handle with care” player, essential to Houston’s offense owing to his <a >Collins Jersey</a>  vision and accuracy. The Texans need him to remain healthy should they need shot in their first playoff berth. Unfortunately, that’s highly unlikely for Mr. Glass. He’s missed five games in every of his two seasons to be a starter. I’m betting management is second-guessing itself for trading Sage Rosenfels.
2. Matt Schaub, quarterback, Houston Texans
When you’re 6’4” and 264 pounds, you own over guys. However you are fashionable huge target that can’t avoid taking big shots. Jacobs gets battered and bruised every season and missed eight games over 2007 and 2008.
4. Steve Smith, wide receiver, Carolina Panthers