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<a >louis vuitton handbags</a>  Ooh.  Cosmopolitan’s “Hot Sheet,” March, is letting us into the shadowy world of men.Secret Language of GuysTramp stamp:  Male slang for a lower-back tattoo on a woman.  According to dude legend, it signifies an easy target for guys on the prowl.And to us, this whole bit signifies that Cosmo is recycling material from 1998, though we’re guessing there must be one or two teenage readers out there who haven’t yet heard this term.  Anyway, we’re looking forward to next month, when Cosmo further lifts the veil on the male gender by finally explaining the mysterious phenomenon of beer goggles.Firm as Normal at Elle: Skinny Trumps Clever <a >beats by dre</a>
<a >beats by dre</a>  Alright. We all know it’s the February matter. We understand prettymuch every single issue during this version is (relatively nauseatingly) tied in toromance and Valentine’s Working day. We imaginethat Glamour considers its tips tobe an amazingly useful public provider. (And, hey, sometimes it truly is.) But we think they’re overstatingtheir great importance just a tad using this type of:Your really enjoy and sexual intercourse bill of rightsThe first one particular has empowered a country of greater than 300 million most people. Just assume what this version can do for your really enjoy daily life.Why, sure, Glamour, your versionwill unquestionably be as meaningful and influential as the actual Invoice of Legal rights. We’re fairly definitely sure assistance likeIt’s ok to get it done on the firstdate—or the tenth, or perhaps the fiftieth.will confirm to be life-changing andimportant for someone, even so it does not specifically stack up favorably with freedomof speech as well as the right to peaceable assembly. Except if, you recognize, “doing it” counts as peaceable assembly.Bazaar Slowed down by Model Names <a >canada goose</a>