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<a >canada goose jacket</a>  Fine early morning! Welcome towards the fifth annual liveblog of the September issue of Vogue. Five years! <iframe width=“560” src=“” height=“345” frameborder=“0”></iframe>The rules: I have not opened this issue, nor have I read any blog posts/articles/embittered rants about its content. I will, however, admit to watching Racked try to smash snack foods with this sucker. It’s heavy! The liveblog goes in chronological order; refresh the page to see the latest updates.Oh, and one more thing. As I mentioned in the video, I will be tweeting during the day using the hashtag #vogueliveblog, and I would love for you to use that hashtag too! <span style=“text-decoration: line-through;”>As a small token of my gratitude for all of you out there reading along with me, I’ll be giving The September Issue on DVD to three randomly selected people who tweet a link to this site and the hashtag between 10 a.m. today and 5 p.m. Eastern on Friday. (This is not a sponsored giveaway, just me spending my own money to send three lucky people a movie. US and Canada only, sorry.) Remember, your tweet must include both a link—you can use—and the hashtag #vogueliveblog to be eligible to win.  <Contest>now closed, winners declared.] Thanks for being here!Now let’s get going. Advert in Glamour Generates a Contradictory Message <a >louis vuitton handbags</a>
<a >christian louboutin</a>  I don’t normally trouble with Cosmopolitan’s “Red Hot Read,” an ostensibly captivating excerpt from a not long ago posted novel, for 2 good reasons: generally, extra stimulating material can be noticed within an episode of Degrassi from 2004, and since Cosmo;s truth is wanting plenty of. I;m not likely pining to recognise what Cosmo;s editors fantasize about.  But as the January matter was atypically missing in gag-inducing information (or perhaps I just was not studying especially intently), I waded because of this month’s two-page excerpt on the forthcoming ebook Fulfillment by Marianne Stillings. The result? I’m slightly unsettled at what is to be passed off because the epitome of swept-away enthusiasm.The novel;s most important character, Georgie, is a Tv host who, for motives remaining unexplicated from the text listed here, has the necessity for any full-time bodyguard. I’m guessing she’s unbelievably breathtaking and she’s currently being stalked by some kind of blandly dressed, asocial psycho who lives along with his mom and believes he’s in cherish with her, since is not that typically the situation?Georgie and her guardian Ethan—who’s entirely amazing, natch—are within a resort bar for arguments outside of the scope of one’s excerpt (and perhaps beyond the scope of my comprehension). Our plucky heroine decides to return to her home, so jealous of one’s interest Ethan is attracting from other women that she’s willing to flounce off alone! With out safety! Ethan decides to escort her upstairs for the reason that, nicely, which is what he’s having paid for.Here’s where exactly it will get unusual. Er, weirder: “Thanks for all the things,” she stated, permitting herself in. But as the doorway was about to shut, Ethan stepped in… He shut the door, locking it driving him. “I’m remaining listed here tonight,” he claimed.<Ethan>promises the sofa. Georgie goes to bed.]Then the bed sank down. She turned to see Ethan sitting down following to her. “What do you think you’re working on?” she requested.“Don’t you realize, Georgie?” he claimed, putting his hand on her cheek. “I want you. I have for an extended time. I need to have sexual intercourse with you. And that i think that you prefer similar matter.”…Her pulse quickened, and she knew she should certainly push him absent. “Are you sure you prefer this?” she asked.Wait around, what? He’s climbing into her mattress uninvited and she’s inquiring him for consent? Am I the only just one who sees an issue here?Oh, I forgot, his innovations are completely justified. She had lustful feelings about him, so he’s thoroughly within just his legal rights. Upon all, he’s virtually some that she feels a similar way!And in any event, says Cosmo, it;s not like girls are intended to be answerable for any sort of bed room action. In “Are You Wild More than enough in Mattress?” on internet page ninety, a specialist opines:<div style=“margin-left: 40px;”>But even fellas who’re kinkier occasionally don;t like it any time a woman kick-starts the motion. “It seems that gents want you to become open to experimentation inside the bed room when they counsel it, nonetheless they don;t automatically want you to initiate the wilder moves,” says Amy Levine, licensed sexuality educator and founder of “Proposing whatever that may look choreographed can give them the perception you;ve attempted performing that with a lot of other men.”Lucky’s “Beauty Strategies” Get Luxury with no consideration <a >thomas sabo</a>