Black AGA Dual Control 3-Oven Natural Gas

Black Aga Dual Control 3-oven Natural Gas Black

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Black AGA Dual Control 3-Oven Natural Gas Black
Amana - ADC3GBLK
Proudly 100% AGA - Up to 30% the Running Costs

Traditional AGA Cooker owners regularly express their love and devotion for their AGA! It is no doubt the AGA's radiant heat, constant warmth and dependability is a welcoming addition to their home. But what do you do if your AGA requires shutting off during the warmer months or when less cooking is required? Ever wish you could operate the hotplates separate from the ovens?

The new generation of AGA cast iron ranges give versatility without sacrificing a long standing heritage of quality craftsmanship. The new Gas AGA Dual Control range offers cast iron radiant heat and now has the ability to turn the ovens off all the while enjoying the use of your hotplates. Even better, each hotplate operates independently or simultaneously with a simple turn of a dial.


Behind the top left door sits a small dial which operates the boiling and simmering plate - either independently or simultaneously - using one multi-function control. The powerful heating element works fast making the boiling plate ready for use in 11 minutes and the simmering plate ready in 8 minutes.

AGA Dual Control Natural Gas Control Panel


As with the traditional AGA cooker, the cast iron ovens are indirectly heated from a single heat source. The heat is then conducted across each oven in exactly the correct proportions to provide the ideal cooking temperatures for roasting, baking, simmering, slow cooking and warming. This unique technology provides radiant heat which locks in moisture, natural flavor and goodness every time you cook!

The 3-oven AGA Dual Control offers three natural gas operated cast iron ovens and two cast iron electric hotplates. This range offers the ability to utilize the hotplates independently from the ovens and separate from one another while the ovens all operate simultaneously when turned on or in slumber mode.

The AGA Dual Control Gas model requires an external venting system located in the rear of the range.

Technical Specifications

Oven doors are shipped unattached. Once doors are installed via simple hinge-pin system (no tools required), the unit is ready to plug in for use. 6-ft., 4-prong power cord attached. The AGA Dual Control Natural Gas Range is an exterior vented appliance. AGA Rangehoods are available through your AGA Dealer . on GAS RANGES SPECIALTY GAS RANGE


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